My name is Lizzie Mabley. Welcome to my website, I do hope you enjoy browsing my designs and products.

I live and work near Stroud in the beautiful Cotswolds.  I have a passion for pattern which I find in nature and my surroundings. After school, I did my Art Foundation and then a degree in Textile Design and Surface Decoration, however soon after this I got married and had two children.  While my son and daughter were young I kept up my love of making and drawing and found myself doing cushion commissions and ‘one-offs’, this led on to lino printing which could easily be done at home.  My little business has grown organically from kitchen table, to shed, to studio and I am excited about what the future holds!

I love my garden, so inspiration from this inevitably creeps into my work, I also love the coast so much of my work has a ‘fishy’ theme. I translate the things that I love to my lino and screen prints. Some of my designs stay as art prints, but some I develop for screen printing on textiles to create cushions, tea towels and napkins.

My process is simple and low-tech, I use the sun to expose my screens and a hose pipe to wash them out.  All my designs begin life in my sketch book, then as lino prints.  I love the process of cutting the lino and can retain the ‘hand-carved’ block-printed look and feel with my screen prints.  Recently I have ventured into the digital world and now have some of my fabrics printed by a high quality, eco friendly digital fabric printer.  This enables me to order longer lengths of fabric, that I would be unable to produce in my studio.

I love to use colour, if I ever go through a black and white phase I always hope it won’t last too long! I love printed pattern in home furnishings and print much of my work on to beautiful linens which I try to buy locally.  I am aiming to take my work further in this direction and create a beautiful collection of textiles for the home.

I work in a little studio at Victoria Works Studios in Chalford, Gloucestershire.  Nestled in the Golden Valley near Stroud, it is an inspiring environment in a beautiful place – incidentally a valley steeped in the history of its textile mills.  I moved there in September 2015 from my pretty little blue shed in my garden at home – hence the name of my business ‘My Blue Shed’ which has stuck!

Click here to visit the Victoria Works Studios website.